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Outdoor Fitness Equipment by PlayEquip

The gym and fitness industry are currently growing an amazing rate as education on the
importance of exercise has on person physical and mental health. The everyday pressures
of work and the physical effect that sitting at a desk all day need to be
counteracted by introducing fitness into our daily routines.

Despite of this, current studies show that only one in seven of us use the gym on a regular
basis. The importance of a healthy body and mind are well documented but obesity
levels are up and the knock on effect of this is proving to be extremely
expensive for the health service. So what can we do to help reverse this trend?

Many of us have great intensions of becoming the one in seven, but often getting in the
habit and continuing what we set out to achieve is sometimes a little
unrealistic. The cost of joining a gym can play a factor in this. Signing up to
a £30 a month contract can get very expensive especially if you’re locked into
it. We believe that access to fitness equipment should be freely available to

Natural outdoor fitness equipment

Our wooden outdoor fitness and gym equipment can be installed and ready for use by anyone
anywhere. Once installed public parks this equipment is accessible to everyone
for free. The range of equipment is designed to provide an all around workout
for the whole body. As the equipment utilises the users body weight, its usable
for everyone no matter what their weight and size.

The wooden fitness equipment has no moving parts and is made from the most durable materials such
as large oak and robinia timbers and stainless steel. Once installed the
equipment requires very little maintenance which extremely beneficial for
councils with tight budgets.

monkey bars for fitness

Often the loud colours of the metal equipment doesn’t suit its tranquil surroundings. Our
timber fitness equipment fits perfectly into any green space and becomes an asset
rather than an eyesore. The fitness
equipment is then freely available all year round outdoors where the air where
the air is clean.

Outdoor exercise for all

We believe that the investment in outdoor fitness equipment such as ours will pay
dividends for many years to come. It provides great opportunity and freedom to
local communities to make positive steps towards living healthier and more
productive lives.

We provide complete packages of all equipment, or individual individual items such as outdoor pull-up
bars, dip bars and sit-up benches. We also provide our fitness equipment to
private gyms and for back gardens.

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Solid oak and stainless steel construction