Playground Slides


Many of us can remember the joy of using a metal playground slide as children that had been nicely warmed by the sun. These types of slides were simply the best because metal made them the fastest ones too! We also found ways to climb up them although we do advise them to be used in the way they were intended! Many of us can also remember trying to recreate that joy as adults, only to be disappointed (and perhaps a little embarrassed) because we had got too big to slide down and remained stuck at the top!

Here at PlayEquip we may have also grown too large to slide down, but we still remember that feeling of joy and are lucky enough to be able to recreate it through designing our own playground slides that can be enjoyed by many generations to come.

Outdoor Playground Slides They’ll Love to Use

Through years of working closely with school staff, architects, park divisions and domestic clients – PlayEquip are proud to not only design but also build a huge range of outdoor gym and exercise equipment here in our UK workshop. We pride ourselves on an excellent build quality – our pieces are rugged and chunky and most of our most apparatus is able to be used and enjoyed by all ages; simply for fun or as part of a more serious exercise regime. We say simply for fun but exercise is a side effect of outdoor play for children too, even if they don’t realise it! A healthy lifestyle with plenty of time spent playing outdoors improves their health and concentration as well as developing motor skills and social skills whilst they are burning off energy too.