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Metal Playground Slides

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Metal Playground Slides

PlayEquip supply every type of metal playground slides to suit any embankment or platform. Slides can be used on playgrounds in different ways; they can be used down embankments, from platforms, or as stand alone playground equipment. It is important to get the right metal slide for the right situation. This can be down to the type of entrance to the slide, angle of dissent and orientation to the sun. This is why we recommend getting in touch with PlayEquip to find the safest and funnest option for your space.

Slides have been around as long as playgrounds themselves and PlayEquip will supply the perfect slide to suit your exact needs. We are specialists in the fabrication of custom made slides. Our slides are made from high quality stainless steel meaning that they are as durable as they can be.  Get in touch to let us know of the details and we will be able to recommend the best and safest slide options for you.

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