Choosing the Right Playground Equipment


Far from being child’s play, finding the right playground equipment can be a
difficult decision with so many different suppliers and styles of equipment to
choose from.

When choosing playground equipment, one of the first things
you’ll need to do is to find the right supplier. In order to do so, there are a
number of different factors you’ll need to consider. Start by doing some online
research once you have narrowed down your potential list of suppliers, looking
at previous customer reviews. By looking at reviews from people who have
already used these companies you can gain a general idea of the quality of
their products, their service, and overall reputation.

There are, of course, some more general factors that you’ll
have to take into consideration in order to find the right playground equipment
to suit your needs.

Age of Intended Users

Whether you are looking to purchase playground equipment for
a school or for private use on your property, you have to keep in mind the age
of the group the equipment is intended for. While our wide range of equipment
caters to a variety of ages, not every piece of equipment will be suitable for
every age so it’s a good idea to narrow down your search to products that will
be suitable for the children who will be using it.

Choosing equipment that will appeal to a variety of ages can
be more difficult, but not impossible. In this case, investing in a
bespoke playground could be the
right choice for you.

Available Space

Another important determining factoring in choosing the
right playground equipment is the amounts of available space you have for it to
sit on. Despite what you might think, not all playground equipment requires a
lot of space, and many of our items will easily fit into a back garden.
However, knowing exactly how much available space you have will help you narrow
down your search as you can eliminate equipment that will be far too big to fit
into the designated area. Don’t forget to also take safety space into account,
as you will have to allow room for safety surfacing to protect children from
any impact, should they fall from the equipment.

Personal Preference

Personal preference should also play a part in your final
decision; both your own and that of the children who will be using the equipment.
There are many different types of playground available from monkey bars to
swings and everything in between, so it’s important that you choose one that
will be enjoyed and well-used.

The Benefits of Active Play


Active play refers to any activity or game played by
children that requires the use of physical movements, giving children the
opportunity to develop physically, while also offering some mental development
benefits. While active play has always played a large role in the development
of young children, it is particularly important to make time for it as children
become increasingly sedentary. Not only is childhood obesity becoming a growing
concern but by spending time indoors, children can be deprived of the vital
benefits offered by active play.

Physical Benefits

The most obvious benefit of active play is that it supports
the development of both fine and gross motor skills. Through various active
games and the use of playground equipment children not only strengthen their
muscles but also improve their balance, coordination and flexibility.

Additionally, studies have proven that children who engage
in physical play and are active from a young age are likely to maintain those
levels of physical activity later in life, improving their levels of fitness
long after they have grown out of active play.

Mental Benefits

Although it is talked about less than the physical benefits
of active play, children can also learn valuable social skills and improve
their confidence as their physical abilities improve.

As school playgrounds and public areas are the most common
areas for children to engage in active play time, they become places where they
hone their social skills as they share the
playground equipment with their
peers and learn how to play together and take turns.

Active play can also improve concentration and learning,
which in turn can boost productivity and academic success. Like physical
activity in adults, getting active helps children with their emotional and
mental wellbeing, relieving stress and releasing mood-boosting endorphins.

How to Encourage
Active Play

The simplest way of encouraging physical play is by making
it fun!

Children are naturally curious, always wanting to explore
new places and learn new things so it’s important to present active play as a
reward, rather than a punishment. Often children are pushed into active play as
a break from screen time, which can make them feel like they are being punished
and paint active play in a negative light.

Some fun active play ideas include nature
treasure hunts, using a variety of different playground equipment, running
games, and obstacle courses. You can also engage children in indoor active play
activities, perfect for those rainy days or when it’s too cold to spend
extended time outdoors. Some fun active play games that can be played indoors
includes musical chairs, follow the leader, hide and seek, and even an indoor
obstacle course if you have enough space.

Why You Should Invest in a Bespoke Playground


When it comes to playground equipment, there are endless
suppliers and different types of products to choose from, leading people to
wonder if bespoke playgrounds are worth the investment. There are a number of
reasons why we believe that you should invest in a bespoke playground including
better value for money, and the expert knowledge that bespoke playground
suppliers like the team here at Play Equip has.

bespoke playground construction

You Will Get More for
Your Money

Although bespoke playground often cost more than their
off-the-shelf counterparts, they are well worth the investment because they are
guaranteed to be suited to your specific needs. This ensures that you get
exactly what you want for your money and that all of the equipment will use the
available space in the best way possible.

In the long term, it’s better to pay more to get exactly the
type of playground that you need, rather than paying less for playground
equipment that you are not truly satisfied with.

Building bespoke playground equipment

Promotes Active Play
for All Ages

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of active play, and we truly believe
that investing in a bespoke playground is the best way to get children outdoors
and using the equipment. Having designed a wide range of bespoke playgrounds
and outdoor fitness equipment, we have the expert knowledge to create a
playground that will be fun, engaging, and promote active play for either a
specific age group or design a public playground aimed at a wider range of

Custom playgrounds for parks

Why Choose Play Equip
for Your Bespoke Playground

To guarantee the safety of your bespoke playground, all of
our designer and builders are familiar with EN 1176, the European Playground
Equipment Standards. This ensures that no matter how you want your bespoke
playground to look, all of the equipment will be safe for children to use.

Another reason to invest in a bespoke playground created by
us is that we use natural materials wherever possible to create beautiful
equipment that will last for years to come without the unnecessary use of
chemicals. To achieve this, we use oak and larch timber as both wood types are
naturally resilient to rot, which means that they do not require chemical
treatments. This not only makes our bespoke playgrounds more
environmentally-friendly but also makes them safer for children to use.

To find out how you could benefit from one of our bespoke playgrounds, get in
with our friendly team today.