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PlayEquip are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of outdoor wooden playground equipment. We supply commercial to schools, parks, councils, architects, housing developers, and individuals. Our highly durable and natural wooden playground equipment is perfect for parks, public spaces, and gardens. Our beautiful contemporary playground designs utilise both timber and steel components to provide a natural, long-lasting and fun solutions for all outdoor spaces. Unlike most suppliers, the hardwood timbers used to make our playground equipment is naturally durable and does not require any chemical treatment. This combined with stainless steel fixings provide a low maintenance provision that gives our customers real piece of mind and value for money.

As well as the sale of wooden playground equipment, PlayEquip are well known for our bespoke playground design and construction. We have over 15 years of experience of site-specific playgrounds and play safety, making us the industry leader and number one choice for private clients and institutions such as developers and architects.


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Common Customer Questions

At playequip.com we get asked a lot of customer questions. Here are three of the questions that come up the most often.

What is the most popular playground equipment?

At playequip.com, one question that we get asked a lot is what is the most popular play equipment that you offer? This is one of those questions that cannot be answered with one distinct answer, each individual customer that comes to us is looking for a different experience for the children who will use their outdoor play equipment so the answer really will vary on a regular basis.

In general, wooden climbing frames are a very popular piece of equipment that sit well in any type of playground setting. They are great for those children who are looking to add a little more adventure to their lives and allow for a great deal of imaginative free play and, of course, are a great way to improve some of those all-important skills that children need for development as they grow.
Climbing frames are not just for the park or school playground either; they can also represent the perfect investment for any customer looking to add a piece of play equipment to their garden as well, due to the more compact design of some of the models that we stock in our online shop.

What are the types of playground equipment?

There is a huge variety of different types of playground equipment that could be perfect for a range of different settings, from a park to a school and everything in between. We offer a range of equipment that includes swings, balance equipment, monkey bars, climbing frames and even sandboxes. We can help you find that special piece for your playground that will enhance the space and provide hours of fun for those using your outdoor play equipment.
If you are not able to find the equipment for your playground needs online then the first step is to contact us. We offer a bespoke outdoor playground equipment design service that will allow us to create something special that you cannot find in any online shop. You know the space that you are looking to fill better than anyone else and if you have an idea in mind for your school playground then we can help you to create a special design that fulfils your needs.
If, however we do stock something that suits your requirements, then purchasing is easy. The first step is to add your chosen outdoor playground equipment to your cart and then let us do the rest. We also offer a bespoke carving service so if you would like to add something bespoke to your outdoor play equipment then get in touch.

How much does playground equipment cost?

Quality wooden play equipment isn’t cheap. However, this should not put you off looking at playground equipment for your school, home or local park – in fact whatever space you are looking at could be enhanced with climbing frames, monkey bars or any other item of equipment created specifically for the outdoor playground. We supply outdoor playground equipment that has been manufactured to the highest standards from some of the best playground equipment manufacturing companies, like Hags and woods like Robinia, because the safety of the children that use this equipment is paramount.


We also specialise in manufacturing our own range bespoke playground equipment which we are incredibly proud of. As a company we are happy to discuss the individual requirements of each customer, whether they are local or have contacted us online, so that any special requirements that they might have from their outdoor play equipment can be realised. We offer a full-service including design and installation that provides a customer with the playground shopping experience they need for their special project.